Wisdom of Wellness

Wise & Well balances holistic modalities for healing - wellness & fitness. The client choosing to learn how to heal themselves applies the wisdom of these techniques and makes changes within to create the desired goals.

We rehabilitate injuries and trace the original cause of the injury. Looking into the whole system for healing and imbalances to pave the way to repair. Nutrition is imperative to health, wellness and performance. Our skills look into your food/water intake, type of water, quality of food. These all affect the balance in your gut of bacteria. How your body assimilates nutrition is reflective of injuries, energy, emotions, mind set and physical output.Your state of mind is guided by what you eat.

As qualified Sports Kinesiologist. Personal Trainer. Light Colour Therapist. Massage Therapist. Pilates/ Aerial Yoga  & Qi Gong Practitioner, we have the techniques to achieve your wellness goal.